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CGYG Monthly Newsletter

Hello Parents and Students!

We had a great kick-off to the new year in January! On Wednesday evenings we started our Bible study, LFIBS, which stands for Large Format Inductive Bible study. We are going through 2 Peter while training the students in how to study their Bible. We also started our Sunday morning "Covenants, Old and New" study for the 10th-12th graders. Our 7th-9th grade students are continuing their study of the early church, as they work their way through Acts.

At 31 days into our 365 day, chronological, read-through of the Bible we still have a large group of teens, leaders, and parents who are keeping up and adding thoughtful questions and observations to our discussion room. This is one of the best daily habits you can build into your life so we welcome you to join, even if you're starting late you'll be blessed. Look for the link in our resource section.

But, no doubt, the highlight for the teens was our lock-in on January 27th! See the pictures of this event, and more, in the resource section below. Thank you to the many youth leaders, parents, and friends of CGYG volunteers who made this event happen!

Coming Activities:

February 10: Board Game night at the church! This is a church wide event, regularly attended by both teens and young adults. Bring your favorite board game or come and learn something new. There is always a good mix of popular, party, and serious games going on. This event goes from 7:00pm to 11:00pm. You're welcome to bring snacks to share.

Our Final Friday in February will be a movie night! I'm hoping we can go out and see a movie at the theater, but if not, we'll watch a movie at the church. Expect more information in a couple weeks.

Resource Corner:  

Singing, dancing, and human foosball! We did a lot last month, but everyone is coming here to see the pictures of the lock-in! Check out all our pictures from January here!

We are one month into our read-through the Bible in one year and have more than 40 people signed up! It's not too late to catch up, or just jump in where we are. The daily discussions are great! Here is the link

And, as always . . .

Please keep praying for our young men and women!

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